Clown Super Mario Adventures GamePlay:

Super Mario game is the big hit and many games inspired by that game release. These games have the same gameplay but also have their special features and Clown Super Mario Adventures is one of them. You can play it for free anytime at Friv games along with tons of amazing games. Enjoy your time here and get ready to welcome more upcoming games.

Now, let’s turn back to this adventure. What you have to do here is not to rescue your pretty princess but collect treasures. 10 levels full of fun and challenges are waiting for you. Start adventuring right now. Move forward and collect coins, mushrooms and kill every single enemy with your powerful hammer. You can defeat all enemies, even super bosses with your unique weapon.

On Adventure Unblocked, you have limited HP. If you touch any enemies, you lose some HP but if you fall off the platform, you die. That’s means you have to start from the beginning. You can’t pass enemies without defeating them because some enemies hold the golden key. This key is used to open the golden chest at the end of your adventure at each level. To complete a level, you have to collect mushrooms and a key to open the chest. If you miss those items somewhere in your adventure, you have to turn back and look for them.

This game may have everything that you want to experience in a great platformer game such as well-designed levels, various enemies, epic bosses, enjoyable gameplay, and simple controls. Have a great journey and make sure you check out other cool games on our site such as Super Mario Jump Run and Super Martin Princess In Trouble.


Arrow keys to move and X to shoot.

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