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Combat Penguin is an interesting game in Friv.land. You take a role of a brave resilient warrior. Your mission is to protect a house from several snowmen. You shoot them down to shield home. For success, the fast reaction is equally as important as exact shots. Combat Penguin game of free friv exhilarates players.

On Combat Penguin free game, you are a cute penguin. However, this is a soldier penguin. You will stand on the roof of a house and stop snowmen from entering the house. You hold a special gun which shoots blue bullets. You will shoot at snowmen to stop them. Snowmen come to the house in a line. You shoot many times to kill them. Snowmen wear gray hats at free friv game.


The game has many levels to play. In the level 1, you shoot 4 enemies to win. At level 2 some snowmen wear the armor. You shoot them fiercely to destroy them. The snowmen are equipped with masks in the level 4. In higher levels, the difficulties rise up. A number of snowmen increase and they move faster. You must shoot fast to kill rivals. They have more pieces of equipment too. You are challenged more and more by free friv player game.


Don’t give up on the mission. You must protect the house with a corrugated roof. If the enemies enter the house, it will collapse. A clock shows your speed of shots. A shield bar shows the protection level. When that bar runs out of green color, the house will collapse. Another bar refers the number of snowmen. When the bar is full of red color, no more snowmen appear.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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