Penguin .io GamePlay:

Welcome to the online Penguin .io game at Games friv online. You will have the opportunity to experience interesting things in this game. You will definitely love the game the first time you play. What are you waiting for? Start playing the game now to experience many other interesting things. New challenges are waiting for you. We play with penguins. Penguin .io is an exciting multiplayer online IO game with a single rule: the penguin's ultimate victory game!

Control one of these feathered creatures on a slippery ice platform and try to run and push other players out of it. Just click and drag on the screen to move and release to jump. Remember that you will slide after jumping, so avoid jumping too close to the edges or you may be the one who falls down. Wait until your jumping power reloads and try again. Have fun with penguin IO!

The game is quite interesting, right? You will feel very excited when playing games with many people. Just push the other birds to slide and fall, you will win this game. Your task is very simple. With vivid graphic design, penguins lie on a large ice sheet that makes you happy when playing games. Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the fun in this game with them. And if you love games, you can play some other similar games TheLast .io and Drakes .io at http://friv.land/. Spend time playing games and you will have many relaxing moments in your life.

How to play: Use the mouse to play the game

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