Penguin Adventure GamePlay:

If you always think that platform games are too simple to win, so it’s waste your time playing, then you have to change your mind. That’s because you haven’t chosen the right one. Introduce you one of the best platform games at friv free which is simple to play but hard to master called Penguin Adventure. Cute, entertaining and challenging are used to describe this game.

Here, you play as a little penguin. You must travel through 3 different worlds full of adventures and enemies. Each world includes 15 stages that you have to unlock one by one by finishing each level. The rule is easy to understand. You slide, jump, fire to overcome all obstacles and enemies while collecting as many stars as you can along the way. On http://friv.land, there are also other things you should collect besides stars which are boosters and fruits.

For most of the time, you will run but sometimes you will get a cannon or rocket which helps you move fasters. These fruits are essential. They give you strength, extra life and more. To keep your life safe from enemies, you can jump into them to crush them under your feet or use weapons to shoot them down. It’s all up to you. Make sure that you always stay focused because as you level up, you will find it hard to complete the stages.

Your enemies are stronger and more traps are placed to kill you. Have a safe adventure. Enjoy! Don’t forget to try many games in our huge collection of game. You may like Colored Bunny and Table Tennis Pro.

Controls: Up arrow key to jump, right arrow key to fire, down arrow key to slide.

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