Crash of Cars.io GamePlay:

Yes, another amazing IO game has come to Friv.land. Welcome you to Crash of Cars.io, a fun car bumper IO game. Here, with just 2 control buttons, you drive your car around the map and try your best to collect as many stars as possible. It’s your ultimate objective. However, you have to collect a great number of stars within a given time. Controlling your car is not easy at all.

It tends to automatically drift and you have to change its direction to come to the position you want. You can see a lot of objects and other cars. It’s fine to crash into those objects but if you hit any car, you will lose some stars that you have worked hard to collect. Even though the game’s name is about the crash of cars, crashing into other cars and destroying them is not your goal. Once again, the achievement that you need to reach is to collect as many stars as possible to unlock new worlds. You have to try your best to avoid causing accidents.

Otherwise, you will lose all your stars and it will take you a long time to collect enough stars to unlock the next world. This awesome Friv game is not hard to play but it’s challenging to master. Driving in the right direction is a challenge because the car often seems to drift by itself. Play it and you know how hard it is in terms of driving your car. Its control mechanism doesn’t like other driving or racing games that you have played.

However, the more you play, the more you get used to it. Have fun! You can't wait to check out other games on our site for sure. Then some of the best choices are Race.io and squidgameio.

How to play: Right and left arrow keys to drive your car.

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