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With the features of IO games and gameplay inspired by the popular movie series called Squid Game, SquidGame.io promises to bring to you the best gaming experience ever. Like other IO games at online Games friv, you will compete against online players to conquer the leaderboard. The time limit doesn't exist. Play until you can't save your life anymore. Let's go into the details to see what you will do in this game.

Your main objective is to put your name on the top of the leaderboard. To reach that goal, you have to work hard to collect colored gems scattered on the map. As you eat, you grow bigger and you can defeat other players who are smaller than you. Just a little touch and the small ones will disappear in front of you. When it comes to protecting your life, you also have to stay away from the bigger ones if you don’t want to end the game too soon.

On https://friv.land/, when someone who is bigger than you approach you, you can speed up to escape. However, you will be reduced in size and that will put you in danger. Therefore, just boost your speed in case of necessity. If you and everyone else just walk around and stay focus on collecting colored gems all the time, then the game isn’t fun. The element of competition and survival is the highlight of the game. Then why don’t you hunt the tiny prey?

Actively eliminate opponents smaller than you and run fast to escape the scythe of death. Start enjoying the thrill in the game and you will love it. Good luck! The list of games on our site is updated. Check out the following options: Hızlan.io and CarHit.io.

How to play: Mouse to move and left mouse to run.