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Race.io brings you to a beautiful sketch world where everything is made up of doodles including your bike, racing tracks, and so on. Unlike most level-based games at online friv Games where you have to finish the current level to unlock the next one, all 40 levels in this interesting motorbike racing game are unlocked. You can start with any level and your ultimate goal is to cross the finish line safely. However, it’s better to explore the level system in order. Interestingly, the track is the lines drawn on paper and it’s not a connecting line.

You will go through the lines, circles, up and down strokes, and so on. Besides, you will meet a lot of obstacles on the way such as giant blades and more. If you don’t slow down or speed up at that situation, you can’t overcome and you even lose your life. Speed is important. You have to increase your speed all the time to climb the tops and to gain momentum to make jumps. If you don’t get gain enough momentum, you can not manage to jump over the gaps or obstacles.

On https://friv.land/, learn how to land after each jump is also the key. If you land with your motorbike’s head, your motorbike may fall apart because of collision. Therefore, let’s find the best way to keep balance and land safely if you don’t want to restart any level several times.

Don’t forget to collect green gems. They are used to buy new motorbikes in the store. There are 8 motorbikes for you to unlock and bring to your garage. Have a great time and make sure you check out other games on our site. Some suggestions for you are Hızlan.io and squidgameio.

How to play: Ride your bike with arrow keys.

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