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Another amazing IO multiplayer online game has come to friv for school. It welcomes you to the most intense yet enjoyable battles. Here, your main objective is to get as many scores as possible and reach the top rank of the leaderboard. To reach that goal, you need to collect diamonds and apples on the map to gain experience and recover your health. Besides these eatable things, you will see so many weapons such as TNT, hammers, swords, and so on.

Pick one of them and use it to kill your enemies. Killing enemies also give you experience and helps you rank up. Furthermore, killed rivals drop so many diamonds. After defeating them, you can get all those diamonds. The more food you eat, the bigger and stronger you become. However, you will slow down and can be a target of fast-moving rivals. However, watch out for TNT because you can be blown up with your own bombs.

Here at https://friv.land/, with TNT, you can attack your rivals from afar by planting 6 bombs at once and pushing them toward the target. The game ends when you die and it just ends for you. The ones who survive still fight for their lives. While moving around on the map, make sure you keep an eye on the surrounding rivals. They can attack you anytime. Run away if you’re too weak to deal with them. Save your life first before trying to get some kills. It’s hard in the beginning but the more you play, the more it keeps you hooked.

Check it out now and don’t forget that tons of games are available here along with new additions. Some of the best choices for you are Trapezio and Red Rangers Robot Vs Dinosaurs

Instructions: Mouse to move, the right mouse to speed up, left mouse to attack.

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