Trapezio GamePlay:

Trapezio is a super exciting yet challenging 2D platformer game in which you join a cute little monster in a new adventure through the forest. This friv unblocked online game offers only 8 levels. It looks like the game is short but 8 levels are enough for you to relax in your free time. So, your main goal is to collect every coin and reach the flag at the end of each level. Once you collect all coins, the flag will be activated and you can move to the next stage.

However, if you leave only one coin behind and then you come to the fag, you have to come back and pick up that coin to make the flag work. There is something you should avoid to stay alive including enemies, spikes, saws, and more. You have 5 hearts and when you run out of hearts, you have to restart that level. The heart won’t be reset after each level.

Here at https://friv.land/, you have nothing to destroy obstacles and kill enemies. The only way to be safe from them is to jump over them. You even can’t jump on enemies to defeat them like in other platformer games. The challenging level increases as you proceed and you should expect that the last level will be the most difficult one. The red flag is always there, so take your time to approach it. You have unlimited time to finish each level.

Have a great gaming experience with our lovely monster and try your best to make his dream come true. Besides, don’t forget that you can enjoy a lot of games on our site along with the upcoming options. Have fun and check out Red Rangers Robot Vs Dinosaurs and Wormate Multiplayer Duel

Controls: Arrow keys or WASD.

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