Crowd City GamePlay:

Crowd City is a fun-addictive multiplayer online game that has high competitiveness and entertainment. Here at friv new games, your goal is to build the greatest team ever. You start the game with only one person who is you. You team up with other people by moving around the city and running into the white people to turn them into yours. In the beginning, you have to use this time to run up and down the streets as well as sidewalks or anywhere else to recruit as many people as possible.

Remember to stay far away from the teams which have more people than yours, otherwise, they will steal your team members and you are out. On http://friv.land/, when your team has a lot of members, then you can hunt down other groups which are smaller than yours. The game is more fun when you are strong enough to hunt other groups. By doing that, the number of your group increases significantly. It’s a faster and easier way than collecting one by one. However, be sure that you are strong enough to steal and kill other players.

Within 2 minutes, let’s try hard to recruit. Don’t waste any seconds. After time runs out. The player has the greatest crowd is the winner. Be careful not to crash into the obstacles because your team will split up to get in between the spaces, however, they will easily get lost. This is an amazing game that you will have a great gaming experience for sure. It will make you immerse. Have fun! Play more new games added to our sites such as Helix Jump 2 and The King's League Odyssey.

How to play: Use your mouse cursor to control your team.

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