Lego City: Prison Island GamePlay:

Lego City: Prison Island is one of the best puzzle games which is both challenging and entertaining that you can play for free at frivland games. Enjoy another fun story and explore the LEGO world like never before. Besides, welcoming you like a game, it likes a short movie that gives you a relaxing moment. 3 evil criminals are planning to escape from the prison. However, this prison is located on a strictly guarded island off the coast. They can’t escape without the help of their accomplices.

These criminals are smart and agile. They always find a way to pass through the security layers. As a faithful prison guard, you never let a criminal escape in, even one and this time too. Gather every guard and capture them against. Each scene of this game is a puzzle that you have to solve. This control mechanism here is so simple and unique. You just have to follow the sign in each situation. Color it in the limited time to keep the story continue. Because you have to finish each mission in a short of time, so you have to act quickly, otherwise, you lose.

Play through various missions and enjoy the story as it unfolds and you will have a great time. Can you stop these badass criminals from escaping the prison? No one knows because it’s all up to you. Mobilize the forces and means to end this pursuit quickly. Good luck! Every day, many players enter http://friv.land/ to play games they like, how about you? Our site surely provides what you are looking for. If not, you may want to try these following games: Mountain Hop and.Spot the Differences.

How to play: Play the game with your mouse.

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