Crowd Run GamePlay:

Run and pass obstacles with teammates, have you ever tried? Here in Crowd Run at https://friv.land/, you control a large group of stickmen to run towards and pass every single obstacle until they cross the finish line. You need to bring a least one stickman to the final destination to complete the current level and step to the next stage. Swipe to move to the left and right to avoid falling into the holes and crashing into spikes and deadly traps.

It’s ok to hit the traps and lose some members. As soon as you have at least one member in the team, you can keep going and you will have a chance to double the number of members or add more members to your team. 2 portals appear randomly on the track. One doubles your members and another one adds a certain number of members to your team.

You can choose the portal you want but it’s better to go through the one that gives you the most member. In this Friv Land game, the number of members who cross the finish line is the number of coins you gain in each level. Therefore, although the game requires you to bring one stickman to the finish line, you should take as many stickmen to the end as possible.

Like any games out there, you will find it harder to secure the number of members as more deadly traps appear, even enemies will show up to stop your team from reaching the goal. You surely can conquer all hazards to complete every level. Good luck and make sure you check out our game collections and the following games: Santa Kick Tac Toe and Cheese Chopper.

Instructions: Touch or mouse to move.

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