Cheese Chopper GamePlay:

Cheese Chopper tests your ninja skills or knife skills in an exciting and challenging mission. If you have played Fruit Ninja before, you will get used to this game quickly as they have the same gameplay. Here at online friv Games, your ultimate goal is to chop as many wheels of cheese as possible to get as many points as you can. Wheels of cheese will fly up from the bottom of the screen, you need to be ready all the time to chop them up whenever they appear.

You can cut each wheel of cheese in half or cut it into four to earn extra points. If you can cut several wheels of cheese at once, it means you create a combo and you will have more points. Wheels of cheese will be thrown along with bombs. Therefore, you need to be careful and stay focus just on cheese. If you cut the bombs, then the game is over.

This cheese version of Fruit Ninja at https://friv.land/ has something similar to a mode of that popular title. You can see 3 X at the top of the screen. Each X is equivalent to one failure. Clearly, if a wheel of cheese appears and you fail to cut it. You lose an X. When you lose 3 X, you have to start over. Bombs will come suddenly and you easily cut them by accident. Take note once again that cutting a bomb makes the game ends immediately and dropping a wheel of cheese will take an X from you.

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How to play: Mouse to chop cheese.

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