Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm GamePlay:

Daddy Rabbit Zombie Farm is a lovely adventure about an adorable rabbit family. Mother rabbit is not at home and daddy rabbit has to take care of the kids by himself. There are so many dangers out there and zombies are one of them. At free online friv Games, you advance your way through the den on every level. Now, baby rabbits are sleeping everywhere in the den. Play as daddy rabbit, during this time, you climb to the ground and collect fresh carrots. Carrots are food for the family and also act as a weapon for you to attack lurking threats.

After quietly collecting all carrots in the garden without being noticed by the gardener and his dog, you go back to the den and gather all your kids. When you pass by, your kids will wake up and follow your lead. You need to run along the den to get other items such as coins, strawberries, and gems. The mole will block your way and you need gems to bribe him. Don’t run too fast. If you run too fast, your kids can’t catch up with you and they will cry. Crying will attract the attention of zombies.

On https://friv.land/, you can use carrots in two ways. When zombies approach you, you can throw carrots at them to defeat them. Or when zombies are so close to you and you can’t lead all your kids to escape with you at that moment, you can feed them with carrots and they will sleep. Zombies won’t harm baby rabbits when they are sleeping.

Make a wise plan and run forward to the exit to finish your adventure safely. That's not the only interesting game on our site. You also have The Mad King and Escape the Dungeon.

Controls: Arrow keys or mouse to move, B to feed baby rabbits, and Space to throw carrots.

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