The Mad King GamePlay:

The Mad King is an exciting ragdoll simulation game designed for those who want to relieve stress and anger. However, it’s simply fun for all players who want to play an interesting game. Here at Friv Land, you are taken to a kingdom where is ruled by a mad king. This king always torments the people. There must be someone to teach him a lesson and that person is you. You can torture this king by all means.

There is no rule here and there is one mission which is to make him get damaged. At level 1, you don’t have any weapons to torture him. Just tap or click on him to make him bleed. You will get money from torturing him. Then you can use the money to buy weapons like swords, guns, hammers, and so on to increase the damage. At the bottom of the screen, you can see a bar.

It shows your progress. You have to beat him continuously to make that bar full to move to the next level. On https://friv.land/, this king will do actions to tease you. You can get mad and teach him a lesson. Here, you can freely release your anger on this ragdoll. Don’t hold it back. The gameplay seems to be violent but no one will judge for what you do here.

So, don’t worry about anything. You are here to enjoy a great gaming time and this game is sure to have what you want. Simple is the best, isn’t it? Have fun and there are so many games for you to check out such as Escape the Dungeon and Rope Cut and Boom.

Controls: Use your mouse to torture the mad king.

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