Rhino Jumping GamePlay:

You are advised to exercise every day to improve your health, aren’t you? It’s much more fun when you do exercise with your friends. Here in Rhino Jumping at friv best Games, a cute rhino is waiting for you to join him on a healthy and fun journey. As its name, all you need to do is to jump. Jump non-stop through a series of the platform until you reach the desired height and collect a wanted amount of coins.

Just jumping up high sounds nothing challenging but the gameplay is more challenging than you think. You need to keep our lovely rhino safe from several dangers such as spikes, breakable platforms, and so on. When it comes to the breakable platforms, you can’t tell this type of platform will disappear with your eyes. However, it suddenly disappears when the rhino makes a step on it. That’s why you have to quickly land on a new platform and limit jumping too many times on one platform.

This cute Friv land game offers you 3 hearts each time you play. You can lose your life because of obstacles. Hit 2 obstacles and you’re still safe but for the third time, your jumping journey ends there. However, you can gain an extra life by collecting a heart on the way. There are 3 challenging levels and you should start with the easy mode before challenging yourself in the medium and hard mode. That helps you get familiar with the gameplay, to learn how to control your character, and more.

There are so many things to discover at each height milestone. Keep jumping and exploring by yourself. Besides, don’t forget to dig into other fun games on our site. Some of them are Bunny Jump and 2048 Parkour

How to play: Right and left mouse.

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