Go Fish! GamePlay:

Do you know the technique to catch the biggest fish? Fishing is one of the most relaxing hobbies, however, it takes some serious skills and patience to bring home the biggest fish. Let's come to Friv land's Go Fish free online game to learn the tips from our fisherman! The richest fisherman will tell you how to fish in the deep water with only a fishing rod and a small boat. First, you need to get your boat, fishing rod to the game at http://friv.land!

Then, simply throw out your fishing rod in the direction that the fish swims. Keep in mind that the rod takes time to reach the fish, therefore, you need to throw a little earlier. After having sold the fishes for some money, you can go to the store and upgrade your equipment with the money you just get. Fresher fishes will bring you more money. The rare fishes are also in demand and the buyers will pay more for each of them. It's all about your ability to aim and choose the perfect timing to throw the rod. You should also steer clear of any bombs or trashes because they will deduct your scores.

This interactive game is an endless game which ends only when your score reaches zero. All in all, come to learn the necessary method and have some fun with more games such as Snake Vs Colors and Smash Hit

How to play: click on the screen to release the rod.

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