Dino Transport Truck GamePlay:

Dino Transport Truck is an impressive driving game with unique game modes and missions. At friv free online juegos, you won’t get in your car and drive around like other driving games. You will own a heavy truck and your mission is to transport different kinds of dinosaurs to the dinosaur zoo. It sounds attractive, right? You will immerse yourself deeply in the game world as the game processes.

The game includes 3 modes which are Practise mode, Time trial mode, and Survival mode. Practice mode is where you don’t have to do any missions but just freely drive with many dinosaurs trapped in the cage around you. In the Time trial mode on http://friv.land, you have to transport a certain number of dinosaurs to the required destination in the zoo within a limited time in 5 levels.

Just follow the sign to know where to go. And in the Survival mode, you not only have to transport dinosaurs but also stay alive while many dinosaurs are roaming around. These prehistoric creatures are not as kind as kitties. So, your main goal in the survival mode is to live as long as you can while finishing your mission. You must complete each mission in the current level to unlock the next one.

Transport dinosaur is not an easy task because you have to control a heavy truck, carry a huge dinosaur in the trunk and go to the right direction within a limited time. It’s a true challenge to test all your skills. Show off your best and enjoy every moment here while finding other games to play on our site such as Vehicles Simulator 2 and Free Rally 2.

Instructions: Arrow keys/WASD to move and Spacebar to use the handbrake.

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