Vehicles Simulator 2 GamePlay:

Driving or racing games are one of the most popular series. Countless games are released every day. They own many similar features and also have many unique features, creating many choices for players. Now, you have been introduced the latest driving game at friv play Games. – Vehicles Simulator 2. There is no rule here. You are free to drive around and play with speed as the way you like.

Choose among a hot sports car, a van, a monster truck or even a tank to start. Let’s have your own show here. Stay on your toes and enjoy the feeling of speed. It is the truth that you don’t have to follow any rules in this cool driving game. Just feel free to drive like a maniac or a person who obeys traffic laws. You can drive safely as the way you always do in real life or drift, stunt or fly in the air like a pro.

On http://friv.land/, you must focus on the damage stat. you can crash into the walls or traffic lights but if you pass the limit, your car is broken. Be careful because you may want to drive as long and as far as you can. You can discover both environments in the game to find out the differences in the terrain and more.

Drive as never before, you can’t find the same experience in other games of the same genre. However, you still should try other ones to enjoy different gameplay. 2 of the best ones for you are Free Rally 2 and Indian Truck Simulator 3D.

How to play: Left shift – Increased gear, Left Control – Decrease gear, T – enter/exit the car, F to start the vehicle, L/H/J/K/Q/E – Lights, R – Reload scene, B – horn, Spacebar – Handbrake, C – switch cameras, P – Pause, O – Manual/Auto gear.

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