Domino Smash GamePlay:

Domino Smash is a simple but challenging puzzle game that requires you to find the best way to make all domino pieces topple at every level. Just like a billiard, you hit a ball to topple the domino that is placed in shape. Here at play friv 2020, it seems to be easy at the beginning, but later on, many obstacles will appear aiming to block your ball. At that time, you must be more careful and aim accurately before taking action.

Follow the guiding line to have a perfect shot and if it is, you will see the domino pieces topple in the chain. Deal with the challenge in the current level to unlock the new one with more interesting things. Tons of puzzles are available to test you. How to overcome those obstacles to make the ball approach the domino chain? They are trying to protect the dominos from falling. And don’t let them succeed.

On http://friv.land/, you have only one chance at each level and if you miss that chance, you have to play that level once again. The power is in your hands and your skills. Make dominos fall and enjoy the domino effect. It is a great experience that you may have never had a chance to witness in real life. Come through every single obstacle and challenge to strike the dominos. Be fast and smart enough to conquer all levels and enjoy an unforgettable moment. After showing off your problem-solving skills by completing this game, you can challenge yourself with other choices such as Soccer Champ 2020 .

How to play: Use your mouse to roll the ball.

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