Light Rays GamePlay:

Light Rays is a puzzle game in Friv.land. Challenge your intelligence quotient with light lines, pedestals, and mirrors. How can you link the rays to the globe? Scream to the world that you are a smart cookie? Light Rays of in friv exhilarates players. Take advantage of nerves. Don’t give up on tough problems! 

Light Rays online game is very difficult. There is a platform of cubes. A laser machine is placed on the platform. It launches one light ray. A target is put on the board too. Your task is to make the light ray meet the target which is a crystal globe. You use mirrors as tools to finish the task. You put mirrors on cubes and change their direction. You have to complete 18 levels. Each level is a challenge at games in friv. We play in the unlimited time. Platform changes through levels. It changes the shape, the arrangement of blocks and the number of blocks.

In the first level, the board is made of 9 cubes. You are provided with just one mirror. Choose a cube to put the mirror on. Change direction of the mirror to make the ray reach the target. Make use of smartness to select the right cube. Move to the level 2. The board changes its shape and has 6 blocks. You have two mirrors. Click on two blocks to set up mirrors on player games in friv.

In the third level, the board has 2 layers. The target is hiding behind 3 red cubes. You are given 3 mirrors and continue arranging them. Think over before placing any mirror. In stage 4, you have 4 mirrors. It is so hard to finish the task. You see new a type of block. They have glass plates and light can go through them.

This game is like an IQ test. Evaluate and share this game with your friends. Type comments on it. Look for Wall Holes, Minecraft Black Match and 2020 Deluxe of http://friv.land/.

How to play: 
•    Use the mouse to play.

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