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Another Dr. Panda make believe episode is Dr. Panda Restaurant. This time, you must prepare various foods and beverages with the animal guests. Kids will be introduced to cooking thru all the fun and exciting known as micro in this game at Friv unblocked. They will be presented with a variety of foods because Dr. Panda has a recipe book with nine different dishes and drinks. Among the many options are pizza, apple pie, corn soup, Chinese wok, and fruit milkshakes.

To prepare all of these delectable treats, children will take part in a variety of activities such as slicing, frying, toasting, mixing, and baking. They will have fun not only preparing and serving food, but also feeding the animals, decorating the dining rooms, cleaning this same tables, and composting garbage.

There are a lot people who come to eat. The daily demand of products is extremely high. As the restaurant's sole waiter, you must not only greet customers but also begin preparing their orders. For food, first travel customers to the appropriate location, and then cook in the back kitchen according to the project needs. Finally, don't forget about the cash register; the money can be used to upgrade the equipment and replace the restaurant's décor! What are you waiting for? Get started with this game today. We will have more fun together! You will do well with that content. Are you ready to join?

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