Red Panda GamePlay:

Red Panda is a fun and challenging hyper-casual adventure game about a red panda who wants to meet his girlfriend so badly. Here at friv free Games online, he has some troubles and he needs your help to reach his goal. So your mission is to lead the red panda to collect the precious gems to open the hidden door and meet his lover. The red panda automatically runs and he changes his running direction when he hits the wall.

You just need to click or tap at the right moment to make him jump over the obstacles, jump to collect gems, and jump to reach the exit. That is what you have to do at each level. The hidden door will reveal once the red panda collects the gems. There is no limited time in this game; therefore, you don’t need to care about time. Just leave the red panda running around until you get ready for action.

Like any level-based games at https://friv.land/, as you advance, the challenging level also increases. More deadly traps appear and the running speed of the red panda seems to increase. Also, the gem is placed in a trickier place that makes the red panda hard to reach. You will find it much harder to determine the perfect moment to jump. If the jump is too soon or too late, the red panda’s life can be taken away. He’s looking forward to meeting his girlfriend and his girlfriend is waiting for him.

Make sure you protect him and help both of them reunite. Enjoy the journey and don’t forget to discover other adventures in some fun games such as Dr Green Alien 2 and .

Controls: Mouse or touch.

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