Drive And Paint GamePlay:

Drive And Paint is a simple puzzle arcade game in which you control several cars at once and have to make sure they don’t crash. Can you do it? You can find many games with a simple concept at….. However, a simple concept doesn’t mean easy to master. The first and the second level of this game will introduce to you how to play this game.

From the third one, you are put on the real challenge as you have to control more than 2 cars at the same time and the tracks cross over. You can’t speed up or drive to the left or right or stop but only start the engine. Timing is the key to win. You have to launch the cars at the right time and in the right order to make each car run the whole track safely. If you make a mistake in timing, these cars may crash into each other and it means you have to play that level once again until you succeed to unlock the next stage.

On https://friv.land/, if you fail, don’t give up, from failure you can calculate better in the next try. The color that the car leaves behind doesn’t matter. It is used to indicate that whether each car runs the whole track or not. That’s it. The tracks become complicate over time and it pushes your timing skills and your problem-solving skills to a new level.

If you want to deal with challenges in some games based on a simple concept, this is one of the best choices for you. Check it out and try other games such as Fury Bike Rider and Conduct This!.


Click on the car to play.

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