Drive Hills GamePlay:

Drive Hills is an excellent car driving game that can make you confused when looking at its name. You may think that you will have a driving adventure in the mountainous areas but it’s quite different. At frivGames 2020, the mountainous element is available but not like what you may think of. Are you curious about what you will do here? It’s fun though. You play as a delivery man who has to deliver a huge egg to the final destination and the most important thing is to keep it safe without being cracked.

Otherwise, you will play once again at that level. The problem is this egg is huge and it’s easy to drop if you drive too fast. So make sure you drive safe and sound because there is no time limit or any limitations. Feel free to drive at the average speed of a bike if you want as long as the egg is intact. On http://friv.land/, the road is rugged, not flat while many obstacles appear for only one reason which is to stop you.

You must take action quickly and wisely to overcome them. This not only requires you to show off your driving skills but also your problem-solving skills as well. With every successful delivery, you will receive money, and with this money, you can unlock new unique skins for cars and eggs. Drive from this city to that city and complete the order without any mistakes. Have a safe ride and make sure you don’t miss the following options such as Real Drift Pro and Funny Parking.

Controls: Click on the buttons on the screen to drive.

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