Boat Drive GamePlay:

Have you ever tried controlling a speedboat? It's not going to be easy because you will be driving on water. However, Friv provides the training sessions and the races for you to try out online in Boat Drive free game. You can play as a pilot of the powerboat and compete with other racers to master the basics of this sports and improve your skills to become the best. First, choose the desired map for the race.

Each map has different settings, different numbers of curves and obstacles. We suggest that you examine the map beforehand to choose the most suitable one. On each level, there will be other players joining the race to compete against you. The ultimate goal is to be the first player to finish the lap. Control a speedboat through narrow river turns, overcome all the opponents and earn cash. The cash can be used to buy equipment from the shop and upgrade the machine to help your own boat run better and faster.

If you manage to collect some bonuses scattered around the map, you will gain the advantage. But don't be too focused on collecting items and keep in mind that your goal is still to reach the finish line first. At http://friv.land, you will experience the most realistic graphics and 3D images to optimize the playtime. If you like this genre of games, we have some more choice for you such as Desert Driving and Burnin Rubber Cartapult

Don't forget to check them out!

Instructions: move and change the direction using the arrow keys.

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