Drunken Slap Wars GamePlay:

Maybe you have fought in many wars with games filled with weapons at https://friv.land/. Now, you will have a chance to join a unique war that you may have never tried before named Drunken Slap Wars. Here, you have to show off the power of your hands. The aim of this exciting game is to beat an opponent in each round with your slaps. You slap your opponent when your turn comes. You suffer a slap when your opponent’s turn comes.

You will see a power meter and when the stick comes to the green area, you quickly tap or click to slap your opponent with the highest damage. A round ends when you or your opponent run out of HP. If you win and come to the next round, you will compete with a stronger opponent. Then, before the match starts, you should upgrade your HP or power with money that you earn from the previous round. It’s important to upgrade your power and HP because as mentioned above, you meet stronger opponents when you advance.

In this cool Friv game, with only one slap with small damage, you seem to love your chance to win. Therefore, try to take action at the right moment to slap your opponent as hard as you can. You can choose 1-player mode to compete against CPU or play with your friend on one device in 2-player mode.

The gaming experience becomes more enjoyable when you play with your friend for sure. That’s all about this game. Simple gameplay and control but extremely fun, you find it hard to leave this game soon. Good luck to you and don’t forget to deal with other challenges in Squid Game Bomb Bridge Game and Squid Game Big Pain.

Controls: Tap or click to slap.