Cheese Wars GamePlay:

Not only mouse loves cheese but also other creatures are crazy for cheese too. However, you also love cheese and you won’t let anyone and anything steal your cheese. Your mission in Cheese Wars is to protect your cheese from being eaten by the enemies. At free friv games, the game offers various levels for you to conquer with the level of difficulty increases as you level up. More enemies will come in the later levels.

You also have many weapons to defeat your enemies. For example, defend your cheese at all cost. The weapon needs some time to reload. Landmine is stronger than tap but reloads slower. Tap once in front of your enemies to place mine. Use earned coins to upgrade weapons. Draw a closed line around one or more enemies. Dash fills slowly but you can use it even it reaches 100%. Pay attention not to spend all dash before you close it. On http://friv.land/, you just need to click repeatedly on the screen to kill all enemies.

They are crowded and there are many types of enemy. They are stronger over time. There are some enemies that you can kill in one tap but many taps. You must act quickly because these creatures are really fast. After a few seconds, your cheese disappears immediately. Be ready all the time and watch out every direction. Let’s see whether you succeed in protecting your cheese or not. Besides, don’t forget to check out more new games on our sites such as Ooni Battle 2 and Super Brawl 2.

Instructions: Use your left click to use weapons to defeat your enemies.

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