Slap Kings GamePlay:

There is a fun and unique competition in Slap Kings right now. It’s for those who have big hands. Just kidding! Here at Friv Land, you must join this slap tournament. It’s all about slapping on the face of your opponent with the highest damage and win. It’s hurt though but it’s insanely attractive and enjoyable. You have a chance to hit something legally. In each level, you will meet opponents who are equivalent to yours in terms of level.

2 people will attack in turn. In your turn, you have to take action at the right time to slap on your opponent's face and try to make him get the highest damage. You have limited health and with each slap you get from your opponent, it will decrease some. You will see an item that looks like a clock. To attack the highest damage, you have to wait until the tick of that clock runs to the center of that clock. At that moment, you will hurt your opponent the most.

On https://friv.land/, you will earn some coins when you win, even you lose. Then, you can use these coins to upgrade your HP and power. It’s important. Upgrade your health and power makes you stronger and increase your duration. Then, you can deal with stronger opponents in the future. In your turn, you must take advantage of it to attack the opponent. Or in your opponent’s turn, he also will attack you with the highest power. And you may lose in that turn.

Slap, upgrade, move to the next rounds, and win. Have fun! Hidjigs Hello Summer and Hangman Challenge are 2 of the best options for you to play after this game.


Use your left click to slap on your opponent’s face.

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