Dunk Line GamePlay:

Dunk Line gives players pleasure at Friv.land. When you are down in the dumps, try on this game to have fun. Take advantages of artistic skills to win a basketball match. You’re able to lift the trophy in the competition. Dunk Line game of friv for kids finds favor with players. How about making dunks and getting gems?


Dunk Line free game is partly based on basketball sport. Basketball is loved by many people. This game is the same as basketball somehow. Nonetheless, it has a few differences. You don’t throw balls. So how can you make goals? How do you make dunks? You are given pencils in friv for kids games. You will draw lines. Lines turn into solid lines which direct balls to the hoop.


The main task is to get the balls through hoops. You are given one point for each successful dunk. Sometimes green diamonds are put in the hoops. Collect them as an extra task. Balls are thrown from the bottom of the screen or dropped from above. You have 3 pencils to use on friv for kids online games. Draw 3 lines with 3 pencils. You are free to create lines. Be smart! Use pencils effectively to make good lines and dunks.


The position of rings alters continually. They are on the right side, left side or in the middle of the screen. From time to time, hoops are slanting. Each level has a difficulty. In level 3, two balls are shot at the same time. You must act fast and draw exact lines at friv for kids 2018. Falling bombs prevent you from making dunks. Don’t let bombs fall down on hoops. If you fail to make goals, the game will end. You must start from the beginning.


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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to draw lines.