Line Color GamePlay:

Line Color is an interesting arcade game with simple graphics, all players-friendly controls, and easy-to-play mechanics. It’s designed for all ages and all players can play at ease without spending too much time and effort to learn how to play. Here at friv free online Games, you can understand the rule in a second. What you need to do here is to control a cube that paints the whole way from the starting point to the finish line.

However, you won’t compete against other cubes like a running or racing game but avoid tons of obstacles along the way. The challenging level increases as you advance in the game. It’s a game of patience and timing. You can play this game on a smartphone, tablet, and computer. You have to run and stop at the right moment to keep advancing. Tap to let the cube run and hold to hit the brake.

With a tiny mistake, your cube is gone. Each obstacle operates in a different way. You should learn how it works through each stage or stops in front of each of them to know how they move to avoid. On http://friv.land, there is no limitation here, even time, speed or move. Just play this game on your pace to complete in a total of 69 levels full of challenges and joy.

Touch the finish line without getting crashed to conquer each stage and test your hand-eye coordination. You know that you always can play a huge collection of games for free on our site. Check out these following options: Swarm Queen and Infiltrating the Airship.

Controls: Tap/click to run and hold to stop.

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