Eternal Fall GamePlay:

Eternal Fall is a cool endless falling jumping game that has quite similar gameplay to other endless runner games at https://friv.land/ in terms of your ultimate objective. It is to keep your life safe as long as possible. However, the difference is that you don’t jump over the obstacles or avoid them by moving around. Instead, you have to jump down the non-stop moving platforms. You can’t climb up.

You can move to the left, right, and jump down only. You don’t have to avoid obstacles on the way. You just need to focus on jumping down only. If you stay still, the platforms moving up will take you to the spikes at the top of the screen and of course, you’re dead. That’s why you have to jump down all the time while the platforms move up. You can have a short rest but really short, just about one or two seconds because if you rest for longer, you won’t be able to jump down in time.

There is one basic thing that any game at Friv Land has that is over time, the challenging level increases and in this game, that is reflected in the movement speed of the platforms will increase. Don't assume that you're always safe when jumping down, you have to make sure there's a platform underneath to support you as you jump. It means you have to wait for a new platform to appear at the bottom of the screen before you jump.

This is a simple but addicting game that suits all ages, even kids can play as well. If you want to play other games as cool as this one, you are sure to find tons of them on our site, and here are two of the best options that are specially chosen for you: Poppy It Playtime and Fruits Merge Battle.

How to play: Arrow keys.

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