Fall Days GamePlay:

Have you ever joined a running competition but you don’t race against other players? There must be one winner in a race, right? However, this concept won’t be applied on Fall Days at Friv Land. You race but your opponent is time. 10 – 40 players will take part in each race and instead of becoming the winner, you have to reach the finish line within a given time, even many players have made it.

You have 70 seconds to reach your goal. The game won’t be fun if there are no challenges and obstacles. This game tests your jumping and running skills with some deadly obstacles. All you have to do to keep your life safe is to jump over them. When you hit any of those obstacles, you die but the game isn’t over yet. Interestingly, you respawn at the starting point and keep running forward if you still have time. The game ends only when time is gone.

On https://friv.land/, it’s better to make each step carefully and stop in front of each obstacle to make sure you can overcome it than running ahead without stopping. Run too fast you're your life easily ends. Slowly but steadily, you should apply that strategy. Besides, at the end of the race, you get a crown. Crowns are used to unlock new skins in the store. Once you finish the current race, you move to the next round and your goal is still the same. Of course, the difficulty level will increase as you advance. The running path is much challenging.

Be ready for that and if you want to enjoy more such amazing games, Hidden Objects Hello Love and Shuigo 2 are some cool options you should check out on our site. Fun!


Arrow keys to run and jump.

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