Fall Beans GamePlay:

Have you ever played Fall Guys - a famous survival game out there? If you have played it before, you can enjoy a different version in Fall Beans at Friv Land. If you have never played it, let's check it out and you will love it. This is a fun and competitive multiplayer online game in which you will play and compete against other players to become one of the winners in each arena. Yes, there isn't only one winner.

Each arena sets a certain number of winners and you must be on that list to move to the next round. For example, level 1 has 10 winners and if you are in the top 10, you pass. Otherwise, you've got to play that level once more. There is no limited time, life, or HP here. You manage to reach the finish line until the top list is full.

On https://friv.land/, you have to time your movements around the traps and obstacles to pass them safely and choose the quickest path to win. All minigames as known as arenas inspired by Fall Guys will keep you hooked. If you get hit by the moving walls or fall by the falling floors, you can stand up and keep playing as soon as the final list isn’t full yet. This game also allows you to chat with other players or express your feeling through a variety of emojis. With each win, you get XP and level up. When you level up, you get a prize that can be gold or costumes.

Let's join this massively multiplayer party game and enjoy every second you spend here. It won't let you down. Have fun and check other amazing games such as Shaun The Sheep Sheep Stack and Fall Days.


Arrow keys to move and Spacebar to jump.

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