Extreme Drag Racing GamePlay:

Are you looking for an amazing Friv 2 racing game? We have a wide range of options for you and Extreme Drag Racing is one of them. Why you should play it? Well, it’s super simple yet extremely challenging and addicting. So, your ultimate goal is to reach the finish line first. You race against only one racer who is controlled by AI. This opponent is insanely strong and experienced. Don't underestimate this opponent. Right after the traffic light turns green, step on the gas and rush forward at high speed. In this epic race, there is only one winner and one loser. Who will you be?

This game doesn’t offer many levels like other racing games that you have played at Friv free online games. Instead, it records how much time you need to cross the finish line. And you can try harder to reach the destination faster and break that record, and set a new one. Before each race, you can choose a new car for you and a new car for your opponent. It’s interesting, isn’t it? All the cars are available. You don’t have to win a race or reach any goal to earn money to buy them. Besides, each car has its own stats and features. Check them out carefully to get the one that suits your taste and style.

However, you should choose a better car for your opponent in each round to test your racing skills at a new level. Racing games come in different gameplay and styles. If you want to experience more games like this one, feel free to check out the Racing category on our site and enjoy your time in the best hand-picked game ever. Here are our suggestions for you: Extreme Speed and Car Drifting Xtreme.


Arrow keys.

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