Extreme Speed GamePlay:

The hotness of driving or racing games never end and many players look for these kinds of games a lot at friv games 2020 prove that. And if you are ready for a new speed challenge, why don't you launch Extreme Speed and discover what is waiting for you? Something fun, enjoyable and challenging is here. Experience and enjoy the extreme speed while you race against 2 randomly players around the world in the competitive race.

Fire up your engine and wait for the sign and dash forwards to lead the race. The special feature of this game is that you won't control the car in terms of accelerating or turning. Your car auto drives and all you need to do is to release a rope to connect to the anchor point at each curve to drift. Yes, you won't press some buttons to drift. Instead, you use a rope and anchor point.

Your success depends on the moment you connect the rope with the anchor point and the moment you release it. On http://friv.land/, if you take action too soon, you may fail. Or if you take action too late, you also deal with the trouble. When you make a mistake, your car will crash into the barriers and explode. As a result, you have to play from the beginning. Along the way, you can speed up and drive over the speed-up pad and collect some power-ups to help you enhance your achievement. That’s not all about this game. Many interesting things are hidden inside. Play and discover all of them while enjoying other games such as Treasures of the Mystic Sea and Clash Of Blocks

Controls: Use your left click to drift.

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