Nitro Speed GamePlay:

Why driving is fun? Why do a lot of people like driving games? There are several reasons but getting behind the wheel of a sports car gives you an experience that is truly exciting rather than stressful, or threatening. That’s why here at Friv games online, a lot of new driving or racing games are added and will be added and Nitro Speed is one of the best hand-picked options that you must try whenever you come to our site. Extreme Speed is another racing game that you are worth playing.

It’s a driving game rather than a racing game because instead of racing against other racers, you freely roam around the city in 2 exciting game modes: Free Mode and Traffic Mode. Basically, these two modes are quite the same. There, what you do is drive around the city without any limitations in terms of time, speed, or HP. The only difference between them is in the Free Mode, there is no vehicle on the street. It likes you go to an abandoned city while in the Traffic Mode, you are in a crowded city and here, you have to avoid vehicles and crashes as well. Roaming around and you can find something exciting and challenging to experience. Here are some of the best options for you Rise of Speed.

This Frivland driving games offers a garage filled with hot sports cars with different characteristics for you to unlock. Besides, you can upgrade the engine, suspension, nitro, transmission, tires, and even the look of your car. You can make use of nitro to rush toward with even higher speed. That’s how you get the joy of getting behind the wheel. Have fun and push yourself to the limit. Enjoy your spare time here and make sure you check out other cool games on our site.


WASD or arrow keys.

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