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Winter Skiing Vs Swimming is an amazing girl game in Friv.land. Four princesses will hold a special winter sports competition. Let’s see which team is going to gain more applause from everyone. You have a spring in your step while playing Winter Skiing Vs Swimming game of friv.com unblocked. Much time!


Winter Skiing Vs Swimming free game is about a sports competition where princesses of Disney world will compete. They are Ariel, Cinderella, Anna, and Elsa. They will play sports and take pictures. They post them to know how many likes they will get. Four girls all love this idea at friv.com unblocked game. Anna and Elsa will go skiing. Cinderella and Ariel shall swim.


The first team doing makeovers is Elsa and Anna. Elsa has silver hair which is tied neatly. She tries on 6 costumes. The first one is purple set with patterns of small purple and blue hearts. The second one has a yellow jacket and khaki trousers. The third one has the main color of blue while on friv.com unblocked free the fourth has black and lemon color with the pattern of flowers. Choose a skiboard. They have different colors and designs. Colors are green, blue, pink, and yellow.


Wear a pair of gloves. Two pairs are open-toe with white and purple color.  The gloves own separate patterns and colors. Pick a glass or woolen hat. Choose a nice pair of shoes which bring warmth to her. Next, Anna gets dresses to take part in the event. Make awesome outfits for her. Take 2 pictures of 2 girls.


The swimming team is dressing up now. Ariel makes a choice to pick a bikini. The bikinis are very colorful and eye-catching. They are orange, blue, pink with various designs of friv.com unblocked online.  She wears a necklace and decides to use a lifebuoy or a surfboard. She can hold a star or wear glasses, hat or ring of flowers. Pick a gorgeous pair of high heels to use. Cinderella will wear a bikini she likes. Bikinis are so stunning with unique designs. Choose fashionable sunglasses and surfboard. Wear a shining necklace. Select a pair of nice shoes. Take two photos and upload all 4 pictures. Count likes to find out the picture which is loved most.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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