Rotating Flappy Bird GamePlay:

Rotating Flappy Bird is another version of Flappy Bird – a popular arcade-style game that you also can play at…… The gameplay of both games is the same. You lead a bird go through as many pipes as possible. However, the place to make the endless flight journey is different. The bird will fly inside a circle and the pipes will appear when the bird is nearby. You will find it much harder than the original game.

It seems that all the tips that you use effectively in the original one don’t work out here. You will find out your own tips after a few times play. However, the most effective tip that you can use in both games is to time your tap or click. All the pipes have different heights and they just appear when the bird comes close; therefore, you don’t have much time to get ready for the next action.

You must get ready all the time to deal with the pipes that suddenly appear. Because the bird flies in a circle, it’s much harder to control it. Just try both games at https://friv.land/ and compare. You certainly also agree that this game is much more challenging than the original version. The bird always goes down. You have to keep it at the right height to pass each obstacle.

This is the kind of game that will either make you give up after a few tries because it's too hard or will make you keep playing until you get the desired achievement. Just give it a try and give the comment below to tell your feeling about it. After that, just enjoy other fun games such as Tap The Buttons and Spider Man Hard Way.

Controls: Tap or click to play.

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