Poppy Playtime Hugie GamePlay:

A new adventure is waiting for you in Poppy Playtime Hugie – the latest adventure game about Huggy Wuggy at https://friv.land/. How many games about Huggy Wuggy have you played? Never mind about the number. Just start a new journey with this lovely monster now. So, Huggy Wuggy once again needs your help. His lover wants Hearts scattered out there. However, before you reach those Hearts, you will face so many dangers. That’s why Huggy Wuggy needs your help.

In this exciting game, Huggy Wuggy will automatically run forwards until he hits the wall. When he hits the wall, he will turn back and keep running forwards. You need to click or tap to make him jump. Otherwise, he will run straight to the dangers and die. The key point is to time your action. Jumping too soon or too late makes Huggy Wuggy lose a chance to collect Hearts and even lose his life. It’s really challenging because you can slow Huggy Wuggy down or stop them. The only way to keep him safe is to take action at the right moment.

This cool Friv land com game features 30 levels in total and you should expect that the later levels are much harder than the previous ones as you have to collect more Hearts and deal with more challenges. Once Huggy Wuggy holds all the Hearts in his hands, a door will be opened and a beautiful girl will welcome Huggy Wuggy with a warm hug. That means our monster has finished the mission and the new level is available to explore.

That’s something you need to know about this game. Explore it by yourself and don’t forget to give other games such as Ninja Blocky Parkour and Clawdeen skates a try.

How to play: Tap or click.