Flappy Shark GamePlay:

You can guess what its gameplay will be when you look at its name, can’t you? Yes, Flappy Shark is another version of Flappy Bird that you can play at friv play Games. This time, you won’t have an adventure in the air but under the ocean. Your company is a shark who is hungry and wants to find some fish to fill its empty stomach right now. To catch fish, it has to go through so many dangers. Do you know that the ocean is full of bombs?

If our shark crashes into one of those bombs, it can’t survive. How you control the shark is just like how you control the flappy bird. One difference here is that the shark always goes up instead of sinking. It’s weird, isn’t it? If you release your hand, the shark will float. Your ultimate objective is to pick up as many marine creatures and avoid as many bombs as possible, then swim to the furthest.

Just like other games that have the same gameplay at https://friv.land/, the key is the rhythm you tap or click to make the shark move forwards. However, there is no fixed rhythm to follow. It depends on the location of the bombs and the location of the sea creatures. You will change the tapping or clicking rhythm over time. More taps or clicks are never a good idea in this game. Be patient and stay focused.

Even if you take your eyes off the shark for just a second, the shark can be killed. Have a safe hunting journey and don’t forget to explore our game collection. Here are some of the best choices for you Huggy Wuggy Hidden Stars and 3D Floating Birds.

How to play: Space, click or tap.

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