Go Baby shark Go GamePlay:

When it comes to a game related to sharks, you may think that its gameplay is about hunting the smaller prey or about hunting sharks, right? Here in Go Baby Shark Go at friv best Games, you will experience the gameplay that combines endless runner game and hunting game. More clearly, it has the same gameplay as Flappy Bird but with a twist. There is a shark family and you can choose to adventure with the baby shark, mommy shark, daddy shark, or grandpa shark.

What you need to do is to control a shark to go through obstacles, hunt smaller fish, and swim as far as possible. The way you control the shark is the same as the way you control a bird in Flappy Bird. You touch on the screen or click to make the shark swim down to pass each obstacle which is the bomb. When you release, the shark will go up. It's the opposite of what you do in Flappy Bird.

You can play this popular title at https://friv.land/ to compare them. The game is entirely about getting the shark to swim through the bombs without touching them and hunt fish. Since the shark is always swimming up or swimming down, you have to time your action so that the amplitude of those peaks and dips are as short as possible. It must be short enough to fit through the bombs. Do not focus on eating too much. You can leave some fish behind.

It’s more important to swim far than eat much. Have a safe journey and make sure you explore other fun games such as Super Pig on Xmas and Santa Rescue.

Instructions: Tap or click to swim.

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