Gun Master GamePlay:

Gun Master is a cool turn-based shooting game promises to give you a great playing experience. It’s both challenging and entertaining. You are a hero. You break in the enemy's base and they discover you. To reach the top of the tower where the big boss is waiting for you, you must kill a bad guy in each floor, each with one shot at friv 4 online. Each floor is guarded by a gunner.

It’s not easy to shoot them down. However, with your skills and truthful gun, no one can stop you. Because it’s a turn-based shooting game, so in your turn, you must kill a guy first. If you miss, this guy will kill you and the game ends. You have to start from the first floor. On http://friv.land, it’s all about accuracy. Just follow the sign to adjust the angle of the shot, then send your enemies to the hell.

With each killed, you earn a coin. You can use these coins to buy new guns which are more powerful and more awesome. Each gun has its own strengths and weaknesses. Basically, the higher the price, the better the gun. If you unlock a lot of guns and don’t know what to use. You can try all of them, then pick out the one suits your play style.

Are you able to conquer all floors of this tower and defeat all bad guys? Show off your skills and experience the thrilling feeling with every shot. Do you want to find some fun games to add to your favorite and play anytime? Check out Tap Heli Tap and Penguin Adventure.

Instructions: Left click button to aim and shoot.

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