Hunter And Props GamePlay:

Your favorite childhood game has just been updated to another level with Hunter and Props free game! Every kid loves to play hide and seek, but choosing the position to hide depends on the surrounding objects and props. What if you can become the props?

With Hunter and Props, you will be able to hide much better by camouflaging and transforming yourself into the other objects. This is the perfect tactic to avoid being killed since the matches will be intense. It will keep you alive to continue to hunt down your victims. In this game at https://friv.land/, two teams will take part in the game. One of the teams will play the role of a hunter looking for his target. This team will have to identify which objects are actual players.

The other team play as a prop that turns into any objects. Instead of looking for the target, the mission of this team is to hide. However, all players should be aware of the time limits for each match. The tips to win the game is to use your intuition and attention to details to search for opponents or be creative to find the best hide spots.

Are you ready to relive the childhood memories with this Friv game? Take a deep breath and choose your hide spot now! The same games are updated for free such as Gravity Guy and Tank Trouble 2

Instructions: Use the arrows or W, A, S, D to move around the map, use the mouse to view and shoot, Space to jump, E to transform as a prop and 1-5 keys to switch the weapons.

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