Fnaf Afton's Nightmare GamePlay:

The series of Five Nights At Freddy's has gained widespread popularity since its release. The Fnaf: Afton's Nightmare is the new spin-off of the series. Since it's a custom-made game based on the series, its theme is a scary game with special effects. In the game, you have to try your best to survive the nights with the scary robots and flashing lights. You can monitor the movements of the robots using the camera monitors in the office.

On each night, there will be a note on the screen to tell you the objects and robots that you need to avoid. When the night falls, interact with your environment, hide under the desks and avoid getting caught by these scary creatures. Only by learning the moving patterns of the robots and the surrounding will you be able to find a way out of the scary office. Don't get caught by the animatronics or else the game will be over. You will see familiar characters and animatronics such as Golden Freddy and Circus Baby in this game at friv

The dark graphics, along with the scary design and flashing lights, will create the special vibe for the game. Will you be brave enough to win the battle against the robots? Try out more games at http://friv.land/ such as Knife Hit Horror & Slenderman Vs Freddy The Fazbear to have fun during the playtime with your friends as well!

How to play: Drag the mouse to use the camera and use the left mouse to interact.

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