Football Champs GamePlay:

Football Champs is one of the latest games at friv for school in which you will play football with a cute dog. Your main objective here is just like in every single football game out there which is to get as many scores as possible. You play as a dog and you run towards the goal. While doing that, the opposing team attacks you with balls. It sounds weird and interesting, doesn’t it? You won’t lead the ball but you’re under the attack of the balls.

And what you need to do is to kick or head that ball to make it fly towards the goal and score. The key point is you have to kick and head the ball at the right moment. You have only 30 seconds to score and win. Whenever you kick at the wrong moment, a few seconds will be taken away. And vice versa, when you kick or head the ball at the right moment with perfect technique, you will get some scores and earn extra time.

Here at https://friv.land/, it’s not about scoring many goals but getting as many scores as you can. And you get scores each time you have a perfect kick. A match can last long or end soon depending on you. The more successful kicks you have, the more time you get. Don’t click or tap randomly because you will lose a few seconds. Manage to pass opposing team’s players and get as high scores as possible within 30 seconds time limit.

This game has a super simple gameplay but it’s worth your time. Have fun and enjoy more games such as Coconut Volley and Football Qatar 2022

Controls: Mouse.

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