Penalty Champs 21 GamePlay:

New tournaments have started. Lead your football team to victory and bring the champion cup home in Penalty Champs 21. At Friv Land, the game is about the penalty. You won’t enter the football match with a team of 11 players and compete against an opposing team. What you do is to play both striker and goalkeeper of your favorite football team. As a striker, you have to adjust the position, height, and strength of each shot to score.

Click or tap at the right time to have a perfect shot. These factors determine whether or not you successfully shoot the ball to the goal. It is best when the indicator bar representing each factor is in the middle of the slide. You have a higher chance to score. This is a turn-based football game, then after your shoot is your opposing team’s turn.

On https://friv.land/, when you play as a goalkeeper, you have to click to or tap the target that appears randomly on the goal to block the ball of the striker from the opposing team. You also have to take action at the right time before it’s too late. As a goalkeeper, you don’t have to adjust the position, strength, and height of the shot. Instead, you need to click on the target when the striker of the opposing team kicks. Is that clear for you? It’s about timing. If you’re good at timing, you can shoot and block the shot successfully. Don’t give up if you fail.

Try again and your skills will improve. Good luck and get the precious champion cup. Don’t forget to play other interesting games such as Fiveheads Soccer and Shortcut Run.

Controls: Click to shoot and click to block the shot.