Football Crash GamePlay:

Football Crash is the latest football game at https://friv.land/. It’s not about shooting the ball into the goal and competing against the opposing team on the field to find out which team scores more and becomes the winner. Actually, it’s about rugby instead of football. It has been greatly simplified compared to the original one. Your main goal here is just like your goal in endless runner games that you have played before. It means you have to run as far as possible without stopping.

You hold a ball in your hands and run forwards. Just keep running until you can’t. In front of you are many players from the opposing team trying to stop you and take the ball. You have to move and dodge them. When you crash into a player from the opposing team, you lose and you have to start over. You have to follow a zigzag to avoid all opponents. Run through each group of opponents and keep the ball safe in your hands as long as you can.

This Friv com game also features some power-ups that help you a lot. Pick them up and use them to go further. You can’t stop, slow down, or speed up. You can only move to the left and right accordingly to avoid dangers. Be prepared because the game becomes more challenging later on. More players from the opposing team appear and you will run at a higher speed. That makes it hard to navigate your character.

You can choose your favorite character on the home screen without spending any money. Enjoy your day and you are sure to have a great gaming time in other fun games such as Power Rangers Skater and Ben 10 GoalKeeper

Instructions: Mouse.

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