Freaky Monster Rush GamePlay:

Freaky Monster Rush is a fun game related to running and monsters. Here at https://friv.land/, you won’t hunt monsters or avoid monsters at all costs in an adventure anymore. Instead, you will find a way to turn into a monster, so that you can beat a monster who is your enemy at the end of each level. You are human and you run towards the monster’s body parts on the way to becoming an unbeatable beast.

However, turning into a monster doesn’t mean you are invulnerable. You will get hurt by obstacles; therefore, while running and collecting the monster’s body parts, watch out for all obstacles out there. You have limited HP and you don’t want to lose any HP before you meet the final boss for sure. So, keep your HP bar full until you meet the boss. Whether you can fully turn into a monster or not depends on the monster’s body parts you have collected.

You don’t need to be a monster completely to have power in this exciting Friv platform game. Only transform a few body parts and you can still beat your opponent if you are fast enough. Overall, this game is not difficult, it must be said that it is quite easy for anyone to experience. You just need to run straight to the body parts, avoid obstacles and throw punches at the target as fast as you can to beat him. That’s it.

This game features various levels and the difficulty will go up a little bit as you advance. Enjoy your time here and remember that a lot of new games are being added every day. While waiting, you can enjoy available games on our site such as Poppy Playtime Hugie and Ninja Blocky Parkour.

Instructions: Mouse.