Ninja Blocky Parkour GamePlay:

Ninja Blocky Parkour is a fun and challenging action game where you are a parkour ninja who can clear all parkour challenges. Here at https://friv.land/, your main mission and objective are to run and jump your way through a series of obstacles and reach the finish line. There are 60 levels in total and to unlock the next level, you have to cross the finish line in the current one. It’s all about jumping. You jump from platform to platform until you reach the final platform.

However, you have to be careful whenever you make a move because with just a small mistake, everything will be ruined and you have to start over. Quick reflexes and precise timing are what you need to conquer this game. It’s not too hard but it’s not easy as well. You just need to jump but how and when you jump decides everything. You can jump continuously without stopping or stop on each platform and wait for the right moment to make the next jump. It’s up to you.

This Frivland game doesn’t require you to clear a level within a given time but time will be counted. It shows how much time you need to finish a mission. You can play a level several times and your best performance will be recorded. The challenging level of the game increases along with the stage that you reach. The parkour challenges will become harder. You have to be well-prepared all the time to conquer all upcoming challenges.

Remember that below those platforms that you have to step on is water. Once you fall, you die instead of reviving. Good luck and more challenges are waiting for you to conquer in Clawdeen skate and Kick The Dummy

How to play: Mouse to look around, arrow keys to move, and Space to jump.

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